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Celebrate Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month

The month of May is Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month. At Van’s Kitchen, we celebrate in honor of our founders, our heritage, and our Roll Models who come from diverse communities across the world.

According to the 2019 US Census, over 24 million Americans are AAPI; however, about two-thirds of the United States population identify with their specific ethnicity or country of origin. The AAPI community includes Polynesia, Micronesia, Melanesia, the Indian subcontinent, the far East, and Southwest Asia.

We celebrate AAPI Heritage Month to recognize the hard work, contributions, and achievements of the Asian and Pacific Islander descendants in the United States and beyond. This AAPI month, there are several ways to join the celebration!

Educate yourself on AAPI history and gain awareness:

The first step to celebrating is educating yourself on the culture, heritage, and history of the AAPI community. During May, take time to dive into AAPI history from their different origins and the United States. Try watching documentaries, reading books, or listening to their stories.

Immerse yourself in the culture:

Take part in the AAPI culture by eating and making food from various Asian American and Pacific Islander countries. Enjoy a small piece of their heritage by hosting a potluck dinner or trying new AAPI inspired meals each week throughout the month. Continue to educate yourself by looking into the history of the meal you made.

Support an AAPI-owned business or organization:

Lastly, you can support an AAPI owned business or organization. Whether that be purchasing goods and services, or attending an AAPI event or museum. You will gain a better understanding of the unique individuals that make up the AAPI community when you further explore their cultures and traditions. 

Our team at Van’s Kitchen is proud to be a part of this diverse and inclusive community and believes in providing opportunities so all people can overcome their challenges and fulfill their dreams.