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We believe that pursuing your dreams is an opportunity that everyone deserves.

For over three decades, we have been providing fresh food with quality ingredients that empowers those on the go to conquer their challenges and fulfill their dreams.



Van’s Kitchen 4-Pack of Egg Rolls with Sauce are a touch-free, prepared meal solution that your customers can heat and enjoy at home.

  • Includes Sweet & Sour Sauce Packet
  • Packaged in Microwavable Tray
  • 21-Day Refrigerated Shelf Life
  • Fully Prepared and Ready to Cook

Thanks to our proprietary process, Van’s Kitchen egg rolls continuously move on a roller grill so they cook more evenly and maintain their crisp texture.

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Cold Case Solutions

Grab & Go products that will keep them coming back for more.

For customers looking to purchase a snack or meal for later, you can offer our 2-Pack Grab & Go Egg Rolls!

With a crisping sleeve that ensures a crunchy texture straight from the microwave, our Grab & Go products provide a solution to your customers who purchase their lunch at breakfast time.

Van’s Kitchen has been the home of America’s favorite egg rolls for over three decades. We are proud to serve our valued clients.

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