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Delivering on our promise to make every bite the best our Five Packs, Four Packs with Sauce, and our Grab & Go Two Packs can be found in the Prepared Foods or Deli sections of many local grocers and some convenience stores. Simply microwave for convenience or bake in your oven or toaster oven for a quick and hearty, yet health-conscious snack. Rest assured, there is NO MSG added to any of our products.

Did you know that there are no eggs in our egg rolls?  One story tells us is that the name came from a Chinese-American cookbook published in 1917.  It included a dish for “Dan Gun” or Egg Roll.  The recipe called for meat and vegetables to be wrapped in an egg, sliced and served.  Perhaps this is the origin of what we now know and love as the egg roll.

Try Van’s Kitchen egg rolls with one of our amazing dipping sauces for a great snack or pair with a main dish for a satisfying entrée your whole family will love.

Five Pack Egg Rolls

[trx_image url=”6563″ alttext=”Van’s Kitchen Five Pack Chicken Egg Rolls” link=””]

Chicken Egg Rolls

[trx_image url=”6564″ alttext=”Van’s Kitchen Five Pack Pork Egg Rolls” link=””]

Pork Egg Rolls

[trx_image url=”6565″ alttext=”Van’s Kitchen Five Pack Low-fat Shrimp Egg Rolls” link=””]

Shrimp Egg Rolls

Four Pack Egg Rolls With Sauce

[trx_image url=”5308″ alttext=”Van’s Kitchen Four Pack Chicken Egg Rolls with Sauce” link=””]

Chicken Egg Rolls With Sauce

[trx_image url=”5307″ alttext=”Van’s Kitchen Four Pack Vegetable Egg Rolls with Dipping Sauce” link=””]

Vegetable Egg Rolls With Sauce

[trx_image url=”5306″ alttext=”Van’s Kitchen Four Pack Premium Pork Egg Rolls with Sauce” link=””]

Pork Egg Rolls With Sauce

[trx_image url=”5309″ alttext=”Van’s Kitchen Four Pack Shrimp Egg Rolls with Sauce” link=””]

Shrimp Egg Rolls With Sauce

Grab & Go Two Pack

[trx_image url=”6560″ alttext=”Grab & Go 2-Pack Chicken Egg Rolls from Van’s Kitchen” link=””]

Chicken Grab & Go Egg Rolls

[trx_image url=”6561″ alttext=”Van’s Kitchen Grab & Go 2-Pack Pork Egg Rolls” link=””]

Pork Grab & Go Egg Rolls

Party Trays

[trx_image url=”6686″ alttext=”Grab & Go 2-Pack Chicken Egg Rolls from Van’s Kitchen”]

American Favorites Party Tray

[trx_image url=”6684″ alttext=”Chicken Taco Egg Rolls”]

Asian Style Party Tray