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Rooted in Passion and Purpose

Although the family business has been egg rolls since 1986, Van Nguyen first came over from Vietnam when a Cultural Exchange Program with the U.S. State Department brought him to Washington D.C. as a teacher in 1966. His wife Kim joined him almost two years later with their daughter and only $40 in her purse.  Adjusting to a new country and culture while trying to build a company was challenging, rewarding and memorable.  Van and Kim’s passion to embody the “American Dream” fueled their work ethic and drove their passion to build a successful business that would provide value to customers and good paying jobs to their community.

With founding shareholder Canh Nguyen, Van and Kim opened VAN Oriental Foods and set up their first full operation in a small warehouse in Irving Texas. Built with the same core principles they lived their life by – faith, family and friendship, the company thrived by sharing a belief in the Golden Rule and the power of heart-centered leadership – essential ingredients in Van’s Kitchen.


Van Oriental Foods are Rooted in Passion and Purpose