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Meet Our Leadership Team

Our fearless leaders work hard to ensure that Van’s Kitchen is an uplifting and empowering place to work, and that our Made to Love egg rolls reach families’ tables nationwide.

Theresa Motter - CEO

Coming from an immigrant family, Theresa found herself drawn to help the other minorities in her community. When she received her BBA and MBA from the University of North Texas, she knew she would use these tools to create a successful business that would also benefit her diverse community. Throughout her time at Van’s Kitchen, she assumed many different roles as she continued to learn from her parents. She was dedicated to learning the ins and outs of the organization and immersed herself in each department until she settled into the role of Chief Financial Officer. In 2014, Theresa’s parents retired and she stepped into her current position as Chief Executive Officer, where she continues to lead the company by carrying on her parents’ legacy: to feed our community with egg rolls and love.

Carl Motter - CRO

Our “Egg Roll Guy” began his career at the University of North Texas, where he would meet love-of-his-life, Theresa Nguyen, and graduate with a BBA. Carl has always been driven and independent (qualities he no doubt honed as a Scout), but he wanted to learn how to incorporate his desire for perfection with his business knowledge. In 1993, Carl joined the Van’s Kitchen family, confident that he could make a difference in the young company. Over the next 20 years, he would lead the purchasing department by setting strict standards and acting as buyer for all of Van’s Kitchen’s raw materials. In 2012, technology became more important for businesses and the company’s needs changed. To assist, Carl flexed his computer savvy and took on the role of Chief IT Officer. After building the purchasing and IT departments, Carl then became Chief Revenue Officer, and he is currently focused on getting our Made to Love egg rolls into Convenience stores nationwide.