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By Christine Coe | Writer & Mother | Egg Roll Connoisseur


Happy September everyone. We are really excited to start this month out with new packaging for our frozen brand Confucius by Van’s Kitchen. Chinese philosopher Confucius believed in the Golden Rule: “What you do not like when done to yourself do not do to others.” The same can be said of food – what you do not like to eat yourself do not serve to others. And we love offering these family friendly packs! They come 12 to a box and can be found in the frozen food’s section in select Walmart stores. Check out our Store Locator page here to find where they are being sold near you.



So why the new packaging?

That’s a great question. Well, it’s kind of like getting a makeover…sometimes you just need to update your look!  As you know, our brand got a refresh earlier this year so it was time for Confucius by Van’s Kitchen to have its turn. This new look is fresh and clean, brighter and more welcoming overall. And hopefully it’s easier for existing customers to find and new customers to discover. We hope you like it!


VK-Conf-Pork-Egg-Rolls-Family-Pack-Print        VK-Conf-Chicken-Egg-Rolls-Family-Pack-Print        VK-Conf-Shrimp-Egg-Rolls-Family-Pack-Print


“We wanted the packaging to focus more on the egg rolls and our commitment to making every bite the best one.”
– Theresa Motter, CEO


Did the recipe change?

Another good question!  No, it did not. The three flavors still include pork, chicken and shrimp and they make a great go-to snack for after school or in addition to a main course. For example, our Shrimp Egg Roll Fried Rice recipe showcases the shrimp egg rolls, which are very low in calories and fat – only 100 calories and 1g of fat per serving. And for those watching their sugar intake, they are also low in sugar – only 3g.




If you happen to be watching your weight as well, opt for long grain brown rice instead of white rice.
Brown rice still contains its outer shell, which is where all the fiber is. (Fiber is great because it helps you feel full longer.) And long grains are less starchy, therefore they have a lower glycemic index. Rinsing the rice in cold water before you cook it also gets rid of some of the starch – a great tip I learned from a Chef I met last week.


As always, we’d love to hear your thoughts. Let us know what you think about the new packaging on our Facebook page. And we love to get photos of any of our recipes you whip up as well. Or better yet, share your creativity and any recipes you’ve made using Van’s Kitchen egg rolls. We look forward to it!