Van’s Kitchen Egg Rolls are loved by Convenience Store customers across the country.


Snacking just got serious!

Your customers are looking for hot, satisfying and portable snack and meal options all day long. You’re looking for ways to meet that need and drive incremental sales and revenue. Van’s Kitchen Crispy Stix delivers on both those needs.

Our Crispy Stix come in in five bold and satisfying flavors – Cheeseburger, Buffalo Chicken, Korean BBQ Pork, Chicken Taco and Orange Chicken. They’re packed with protein and flavor and satisfy Moms with hungry kids or a hungry work crew.

Crispy Stix are priced right and profitable and are easily merchandised in your hot case.

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Diversify Your Roller Grill and Cold Case

Consumer tastes have evolved dramatically over the last few years and will continue to do so.  Millennials have made it clear that they want more choice and menu diversity from their favorite convenience stores.

Asian foods that were once thought to be exotic or ethnic are now must haves for today’s consumer.  Leverage the growing Asian food trend!  Van’s Kitchen egg rolls are delicious, satisfying, portable and profitable.

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The Right Products For Your Convenience Store!

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Van’s Kitchen Grab & Go Two Packs

Our egg rolls offer customers a convenient and satisfying meal or snack.   Our propriety process and a crisping sleeve ensure maximum crunch right out of the microwave.  Our egg rolls are filled with freshly chopped vegetables and 100% white meat chicken or cuts of lean, premium pork – all in our homemade signature crispy wrapper.

Jump on the Asian food trend and merchandise our egg rolls in your cold case alongside sandwiches, wraps and salads or in the freezer by other grab and go items.  Our egg rolls will grab customers’ attention and drive your sales.

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Roller Grill Egg Rolls

Our restaurant quality egg rolls deliver on flavor, value and profit! Our bulk roller grill 3 ounce egg rolls are available in three flavors – chicken, pork and southwest chicken. The roller grill traditional chicken egg rolls are the perfect snack for hungry customers on the go. Diversify your roller grill and delight your customers with Van’s Kitchen egg rolls – they’re portable perfection!

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