4- Count White Meat Chicken Egg Rolls

Four Pack Egg Rolls

What’s not to love about Van’s Kitchen Chicken egg rolls with a savory sweet and sour sauce?! Full of 100% white meat chicken, fresh crunchy vegetables inside a thin, crisp crust and our custom blend of authentic Asian seasoning, our Chicken egg rolls are the epitome of great taste. They are also low in fat and calories with NO MSG added.

White Meat Chicken Egg Rolls made in the USAMade in the USA with classic Asian ingredients and time honored recipes

Nutrition Facts
Nutrition Facts Chicken Egg Rolls
All White Meat Chicken Egg Rolls with Sweet and Sour Sauce
“They are great! Lo-cal, lots of veggies, and really tasty. Get some Chinese mustard and soy sauce and you’re all set. I suggest you bake… if you must microwave them, finish in a toaster oven to bring back the crispy wrapper.” – Bob